There are many benefits of studying Food technology in the culinary arts Programme and the most significant one is the numerous career opportunities, both in Bulgaria and abroad.

There is a growing demand for professionals with in-depth knowledge and practical skills in the culinary science. Graduates of the Programme can occupy managerial and expert positions within the Food, Culinary, and Hospitality sector or work for  research, educational and scientific institutions. They can become research chefs or food manufacture, take advisory positions on food and nutrition, develop new products, dishes, and menus, manage food businesses individually or in teams, including launching their own companies, and participate in the widespread promotion of the culinary industry through media, press releases and educative initiatives.

Some of the possible career paths are be within:

  • Food production, management and marketing
  • Restaurant business, catering and events management
  • Quality assurance and food safety
  • Culinary education and training
  • Research and new food product development
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At VUM we prepare our students for the highly competitive global labour market and provide them with practical advice and expertise. VUM maintains excellent contacts with business partners in Bulgaria, Europe, the USA, and more, thanks to which our graduates have the opportunity to have their practical training and to successfully start their career in various partner institutions and organizations all over the world.