Food technology in the

culinary arts


Varna University of Management

Be at the forefront of Food Innovation

Food technology in the culinary arts is an innovative educational program that blends knowledge and competences in three areas:
1) Food science and Technologies;
2) Culinary arts;
3) Business skills.
The program provides prestigious higher education tailored to the needs of the food and restaurant industry by addressing the new trends in consumer demands for more healthy, safe and memorable food-related experiences.

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The partnership with world-renowned associations, industry organizations and academic institutions is a guarantee for the quality of education, the professional success and employability of the future graduates.

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  • Understanding the science behind the food and the culinary processes
  • Opportunity to apply food chemistry, physics and microbiology for designing innovative and creative food products and dishes
  • Experimental study of specific methods for preparation, processing, and storage of food.
  • Opportunity to develop culinary and pastry skills by learning modern cooking techniques
  • Detailed knowledge of the functionality of food ingredients, including their impact on consumers’ health and well-being
  • Usage of modern methods and techniques to create new foods, beverages, and foods such as molecular cuisine, Nano cuisine, fermentation, vacuum cooking, temperature-controlled cooking, dehydration, etc.
  • Development of business, organizational and entrepreneurial skills
  • Opportunity for embarking in independent food-related research
  • Real world-experience through paid internships in a renowned company within the hospitality or food industries
  • Networking and access to prestigious organizations, numerous resources, competitions and study opportunities.
  • Skills and competences for working in a multicultural environment

Possible career paths for the graduates

There is a growing demand for professionals with in-depth knowledge and practical skills in the food technology in the culinary arts. Graduates of the Program can occupy managerial and expert positions within the Food, Culinary and Hospitality sector or work for  research, educational and scientific institutions. They can become research chefs or food manufacture, take advisory positions on food and nutrition, develop new products, dishes, and menus, manage food businesses individually or in teams, including launching their own companies, and participate in the widespread promotion of the culinary industry through media, press releases and educative initiatives. Some of the possible career paths are be within:


The Food technology in the culinary arts at Varna University of Management is an innovative program which combines Culinary Arts with Food Science and Technologies and a Business acumen for development of new food products and effective management of food related businesses. Our students will receive practical skills in food processing (such as meat, diary, bakery, pastry) and in-depth knowledge about the science that lies behind them.